Shanghai, China’s largest city and financial hub. (Photo: Creative Commons)

Conservatives give £100m aid to ‘reduce poverty’ in China, while increasing it in UK

The UK government is spending £103m from its aid budget to promote ‘economic development’ and ‘poverty reduction’ in official enemy China while its austerity policies in Britain helped force 600,000 children into poverty.

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Pemex is Mexico’s state-owned oil company. (Photo: Creative Commons)

Britain’s £75 million aid project to open up Mexican oil to UK business

The UK programme, lasting from 2017 until 2023, is run through the Foreign Office’s Prosperity Fund, which claims to promote “inclusive economic growth needed to reduce poverty in partner countries”. Its budget is £74.5m.  But government project documents point to “prosperity interventions” that “will open up new markets” with “UK business able to benefit”.  The […]

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Revealed: The UK has spent £350-million promoting regime change in Syria

A controversial Whitehall body — the Conflict, Stability and Security Fund — has used large amounts of money from the British aid budget to support the opposition in Syria. Declassified outlines the extent of this funding for the first time.

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Revealed: UK Foreign Office has spent nearly half a million pounds in aid setting up anti-government coalition in Venezuela

The British government has surreptitiously given £450,000 from its overseas aid budget to establish an ‘anti-corruption’ coalition in Venezuela through a controversial fund which claims to ‘tackle instability and to prevent conflicts that threaten UK interests’, it can be revealed.

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Revelations about UK covert operations in Syria challenge media narratives on the war

Newly-discovered documents show how UK covert operations in Syria helped ‘shape perceptions’ of the war. The British government effectively ran Syrian opposition groups’ media offices and created publicity material aimed at Syrian and UK audiences, challenging the idea the UK has played a small role in the conflict.

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Coronavirus could overwhelm public healthcare in developing countries, where British aid has promoted private hospitals

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British aid sponsors private hospitals for better-off patients from India to Zimbabwe, risking diverting doctors and money away from treating poorer patients who will be hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic.

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Who controls the World Health Organisation?

With some Western governments failing to follow the World Health Organisation’s advice on tackling coronavirus, right-wing figures in the US and UK are seeking to discredit the UN body as pro-China. But Britain and the US themselves are the WHO’s largest funders and among its major influencers.

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Britain is the WHO’s second biggest state funder – so why is Boris Johnson ignoring its coronavirus advice?

The UK government, which has been widely criticised for its slow and inadequate response to the coronavirus crisis, has failed to heed five areas of advice from the World Health Organisation – despite being its second largest state funder.  

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