Ousted Guatemalan president Jacobo Arbenz in Paris, 1955 (Photo: Bettmann / Getty)

How British intelligence destabilised democracy in Central America

Newly declassified files reveal how the British government played a pivotal role in undermining Guatemala’s democratic government in the early 1950s.  Through the Information Research Department (IRD) of the Foreign Office, British officials inundated the country with exaggerated anti-communist propaganda and funded conspiratorial student organisations. Ultimately, British intelligence radicalised domestic politics and contributed to the […]

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HMS Queen Elizabeth with her escort and supply ships (Photo: USMC / Unaisi Luke)

Royal Navy’s gunboat diplomacy is fueling climate crisis

The government is refusing to reveal the carbon emissions of a new aircraft carrier on a round the world voyage. Ministers sent HMS Queen Elizabeth to the Pacific where it patrolled near Taiwan, worsening UK relations with Beijing.  The gunboat diplomacy took place weeks before crucial climate talks at which Boris Johnson wants China to […]

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EXCLUSIVE: Britain uses vast swathes of one of the world’s most biodiverse countries for military training — and pays nothing 

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The British army is using one-sixth of Belize’s total landmass for jungle warfare training after gaining access to more than a dozen sites across the former UK colony in Central America, it can be revealed. 

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