Security forces patrol an English-speaking region of Cameroon (Photo: Marco Longari / AFP via Getty)

Why we refused to comply with the D-Notice committee

Last week I received an email from a body called the DSMA committee asking Declassified to remove something from one of our articles. That body, the Defence and Security Media Advisory Committee, is run by the Ministry of Defence’s Director General for Security Policy. It exists supposedly to “prevent inadvertent public disclosure of information that […]

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Cameroon's President Paul Biya and his wife Chantal (Photo: Alexis Huget / AFP via Getty)

The UK-backed African regime run by five men

British diplomats believe Cameroon, a country with 27 million inhabitants, is run by just five men and that there is “extensive corruption.” At the top is President Biya, who has ruled the central African state with an iron fist for nearly 40 years. Now in his late 80s, he governs mostly from a luxury hotel […]

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