Argentina cancels Falklands agreement with the UK

Read in Spanish here. Argentina’s government has announced it is cancelling a controversial agreement it signed with Britain on the issue of the Falkland Islands. The decision comes after a Declassified UK story in April last year, written by Matt Kennard, revealed allegations that the Argentine minister who negotiated the deal was drunk at the […]

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Guillermo Carmona, Argentina’s minister for the Malvinas (Falklands), Antarctic and South Atlantic. (Photo: Matt Kennard/DCUK)

Argentine minister: ‘We can’t be sure there aren’t nuclear weapons in the Falklands’

“Let me be very clear,” Guillermo Carmona says, pointing at a map of the South Atlantic sea hanging on his wall. “Las Malvinas, Sandwich and Georgia islands…these are Argentinian, they are occupied by a foreign power.” The foreign power he is talking about is Britain.  Carmona, Argentina’s minister responsible for the South Atlantic, is talking […]

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Argentinian soldiers on parade for Independence Day celebrations, Buenos Aires, 9 July 2019. (Photo: Muhammed Emin Canik/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

UK trained Argentine soldiers after signing controversial Falklands oil deal

The Argentine soldiers were sent to Britain in 2018 but it is not known how many were trained or which courses they attended. The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) refused to clarify when asked by Declassified.  Argentine soldiers also attended three courses at the UK Defence Academy in Oxfordshire in 2019-20.  These courses included ‘Building […]

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Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson meets with President Mauricio Macri in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 22 May 2018. (Photo: UK government)

Boris Johnson was ‘determined’ to ban fishing in South Atlantic after meeting Argentina’s president

The recently published diaries of Alan Duncan, Britain’s foreign minister for the Americas from 2016-19, make new claims about British intentions in the South Atlantic during the presidency of Mauricio Macri. Macri, a businessman who founded the right-wing Cambiemos party, swept to power in late 2015. The following year, his government signed a controversial agreement […]

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Carlos Foradori, who as Argentina’s deputy foreign minister negotiated a landmark agreement with the UK in 2016. (Photo: Violaine Martin/WIPO)

Argentine minister ‘was pissed’ when he agreed controversial Falklands deal with UK

The recently published diaries of Sir Alan Duncan, UK foreign minister for the Americas from 2016-19, make new claims about a “landmark” agreement between Britain and Argentina which has been fiercely criticised by the incumbent left-wing government in Buenos Aires.  Tensions between the UK and Argentina increased recently after Declassified revealed Britain deployed 31 nuclear […]

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Falkland Islanders walk past Argentine troops in Port Stanley, April 1982. (Photo: Rafael Wollmann / Getty)

Falklands: Should UK negotiate with or defy Argentina?

One of Argentina’s top diplomats has challenged the British government to resume negotiations over the sovereignty of the Falklands, as Margaret Thatcher was prepared to do even after the occupation of the islands 40 years ago. Argentina’s ambassador to Britain, Javier Figueroa, questioned why, if Britain insists there is no doubt its sovereignty over the […]

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Prince Andrew disembarks HMS Invincible with his parents after serving in the Falklands War. Nuclear weapons were stored onboard. (Photo: Anwar Hussein / Getty)

UK deployed 31 nuclear weapons during Falklands war

The revelation is contained in a new file released to the National Archives. Marked “Top Secret Atomic”, it shows that the presence of the nuclear weapons caused panic among officials in London when they realised the damage, both physical and political, they could have caused.  The military regime in Argentina claimed the Falkland islands and […]

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The Falkland Islands (Photo: John5199 / Wikimedia)

New Argentine government will step up demands to UK over Falklands, says top official

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In his first interview with the international media since being appointed to the new administration of President Alberto Fernández, Daniel Filmus told Declassified it is “impossible” that his government would try to militarily retake the Falklands. Argentina will continue to promote dialogue to resolve the status of the disputed islands, which the UK regards as […]

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