GCHQ’s site at Little Sai Wan appears in the distance (Photo: H. Grobe / CC 3.0)

‘Riddled with corruption’: GCHQ’s banned book

Thatcher’s government took frantic steps to ban a book alleging that GCHQ’s inefficiency and security negligence had cost British lives.

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Revealed: British army bomb squad trained Hong Kong police at height of protests

A Hong Kong police officer received bomb disposal training from British soldiers at the same time as pro-democracy protesters were being arrested for possession of explosives, Declassified has found. The revelation comes as the UK military announces a freeze on training for Hong Kong.

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When Britain failed to protect America from a flu pandemic in China

Before Covid-19, British colonial authorities allowed a deadly flu virus to spread from Hong Kong in 1968 with devastating consequences for the US and the rest of the world – one million people died.

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