Exclusive: Jeremy Corbyn on the establishment campaign to stop him becoming PM

“I had my first speech outside Number 10 as prime minister all planned out,” Jeremy Corbyn tells me. “I was going to announce homelessness in Britain ends now, next week no-one will be sleeping rough.”  He is sitting on a sofa at the offices of his Peace & Justice Project in Finsbury Park, deep in […]

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Palestine Action activists at Elbit’s factory in Shenstone this January. (Photo: Guy Smallman / Getty)

Why we’re trying to shut down Israel’s arms factories in Britain

Whilst a storm was brewing in the spring of 2020, a dozen activists met in a rural village in England to plan the launch of Palestine Action. It seemed like a sign that the river close by burst its banks and threatened to flood our meeting place. Many of us already felt engulfed by a […]

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Gulf exiles Yahya Assiri and Nabhan al-Hanashi protest against NSO Group on 28 September 2021 (Photo: Abdullah Aljuraywi / ALQST)

Israeli hacking firm invited to London amid human rights outcry

“They hacked us to silence us,” shouts a man on a megaphone outside Kensington Olympia station in west London, where a giant inflatable effigy of a Gulf tyrant flutters in the autumn breeze.  Dressed in a white robe, chequered red head scarf and Stella McCartney sunglasses, Saudi dissident Yahya Assiri is protesting against a controversial […]

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A British soldier guards Palestinian prisoners in Jerusalem, 1938 (Photo: Fox Photos / Getty)

Britain is ensuring the death of a Palestinian state

Britain today is a secondary actor in the international arena and its ability to influence the so-called peace process in Israel and Palestine is limited. It cannot be considered a significant contributor to efforts to find a solution to Israel’s continued colonisation and occupation of Palestine.  Yet Britain bears massive historical responsibility for the situation […]

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UK defence secretary Ben Wallace and Saudi ambassador to the UK Khalid bin Bandar at the DSEI arms fair in London, 15 September 2021. (Photo: Phil Miller / Declassified UK)

“Nothing to hide here”: Inside the world’s largest arms fair in the heart of London

“Controversial depends on your point of view, really. There are plenty of high-level political viewpoints that would say that it’s not.” Major General Roddy Porter has just bought us a coffee and is telling us why the world’s largest arms fair – being held in the heart of London – isn’t controversial, despite being opposed […]

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A British-built Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jet, belonging to the Royal Saudi Air Force, takes off. (Photo: Flickr)

Britain’s “robust” arms export controls are a fiction

Britain exported over £11-billion worth of arms around the world in 2019 but UK ministers claim this trade is properly administered in a mantra that goes like this: “HM Government takes its export control responsibilities very seriously and operates one of the most robust arms export control regimes in the world. We consider all export […]

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Foreign minister James Cleverly accused of breaking ministerial Code over arms to Israel

Britain’s Middle East minister James Cleverly is regularly refusing to provide answers to written questions posed to him by members of parliament, especially on UK arms exports to Israel, contravening House of Commons rules.

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Former British minister: ‘The Israelis think they control the Foreign Office. And they do!’

The recently published diaries of former foreign minister Sir Alan Duncan provide an unprecedented window into the influence the Israeli government and affiliated pro-Israel lobby groups have over the UK Foreign Office.

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Revealed: Third of cabinet, including Boris Johnson, has been funded by Israel or pro-Israel lobby groups

While the UK government has been backing Israel’s intense bombing campaign in Gaza, Declassified can reveal that a third of cabinet ministers and the foreign minister responsible for the Middle East, have been courted by the Israeli government or pro-Israel lobby groups.

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UK spends millions training security forces to control Palestinians in West Bank and Lebanon

British aid projects supporting Palestinian security forces appear to be as much about helping to stop threats to Israel, the occupying power, as they are about enhancing Palestinian state-building.

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How the UK military supports Israel’s combat operations against Palestinians

As violence escalates in Israel and Palestine, we take readers through the expanding military relationship between the UK and Israel, which has been erased by the British media. The deepening alliance involves UK military training of Israel for combat, joint exercises, arms deals, as well as intelligence cooperation.

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Ties that bind: Britain buys £46m of Israeli military equipment and stations troops in Israel

Britain’s deepening military relationship with Israel comes under scrutiny as details emerge from Declassified UK’s information requests.

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How the UK press supports the British military and intelligence establishment

The UK press, from The Times to The Guardian, is also routinely helping to demonise states identified by the British government as enemies, while tending to whitewash those seen as allies.  The research, which analyses the UK national print media, suggests that the public is being bombarded by views and selective information supporting the priorities […]

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How the UK press is misinforming the public about Britain’s role in the world

Britain’s national press consistently portrays Britain as a supporter of noble objectives such as human rights and democracy. The extraordinary extent to which the public is being misinformed about the UK’s foreign and military policies is revealed in new statistical research by Declassified UK.

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Explainer: Is the UK a rogue state? 17 British policies violating domestic or international law

British foreign secretary Dominic Raab recently described the “rule of international law” as one of the “guiding lights” of UK foreign policy. By contrast, the government regularly chides states it opposes, such as Russia or Iran, as violators of international law. These governments are often consequently termed “rogue states” in the mainstream media, the supposed […]

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