An Italian soldier at a Serb police headquarters destroyed by NATO in Djakovica, Kosovo, in 1999. (Photo: Mike Nelson / AFP via Getty)

Depleted uranium: Courts accept cancer risk denied by army

More than 300 Italian veterans who developed cancer after being exposed to depleted uranium ammunition have won court cases against Italy’s military. Some of the cases were brought by their bereaved relatives. The judgments have mounted in recent years, with Italian courts repeatedly finding a link between cancer and service in the Balkans where such […]

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On trial for war crimes – Tony Blair’s former allies

NATO’s bombing campaign against Slobodan Milošević’s Yugoslavia in 1999 is routinely presented as an “humanitarian intervention”. Tony Blair has long been praised for coming to the defence of ethnic Albanians in the territory of Kosovo who were subject to increasingly brutal abuses by the Yugoslav army from the end of 1998.  The Kosovo Liberation Army […]

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Exclusive: Army putting ‘outrageous spin’ on depleted uranium science

The Ministry of Defence claimed last week that research by the Royal Society – Britain’s premier scientific group – supported its controversial decision to send depleted uranium tank shells to Ukraine. An MoD official briefed the media: “Independent research by scientists from groups such as the Royal Society has assessed that any impact to personal […]

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