16 year-old Henry Cunningham was murdered by Ulster Volunteer Force gunmen in 1973 (Supplied)

Will there be justice for Henry Cunningham?

Three loyalist gunmen, from a vantage point over the motorway leading north out of Belfast, open fire on a van they think is taking Catholic workmen home to County Donegal. A bullet goes straight through the heart of a 16-year-old boy sitting next to his brother in the front seat. The murder weapon, a sub-machine […]

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Former British army intelligence officer Colin Wallace (Photo: Michael Oswald / Independent POV)

FILM REVIEW: “The man who knew too much”

“Could you explain more about the kind of techniques you used to create psychological conflict?” Colin Wallace, aged 77 years of age, suddenly pauses. He considers his next words carefully. “I have to be careful with that…,” he finally says in a thick Northern Irish accent.  “What I don’t want to do is actually share […]

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