Perverse priorities: Cut public spending, keep nuclear arms and warplanes

We are in the midst of an extraordinary, indeed perverse, new round of austerity cuts. The chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, is reported to be looking for £35 billion across government in cuts. While vital services will continue to be deprived of urgently-needed resources, the government seems set to give the military a budget rise in cash […]

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The MOD’s £300bn waste of public money

As the UK faces another round of austerity to schools and hospitals from the new chancellor Jeremy Hunt, amid a growing cost of living crisis, tens of billions of pounds of public money are being wasted on unusable and extravagant weapons systems, irrelevant to modern conflict. The government wants to award the armed forces close […]

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Scotland’s first minister Nicola Sturgeon met House Speaker Nancy Pelosi at the US Capitol in May. (Photo: Drew Angerer / Getty)

Should an independent Scotland aspire to Nato membership?

To consider Scotland’s possible interest in Nato membership in light of the current crisis in Ukraine, we should look at some significant milestones in post-cold war history.  When the cold war was over, Soviet and Russian leaders from Mikhail Gorbachev to Vladimir Putin proposed a new Euro-Atlantic security alliance —“from Dublin to Vladivostok”.  But then […]

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Entrance to RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk, the centre of the US Air Force’s presence in Britain. (Photo: Matt Kennard/DCUK)

US Air Force deployment in Britain is third largest in world

The US Air Force (USAF) has 9,730 personnel permanently deployed throughout Britain, an increase of 22% from six years ago.  Analysis by Declassified has found that Britain hosts the third highest level of USAF personnel of any country in the world, ahead of historic US military outposts like South Korea and Italy. These American airmen […]

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Putin puts Russian nuclear forces on high alert, 27 February 2022 (Photo: Kremlin)

Putin’s nuclear threat and Britain’s nuclear posture – not so different?

Nuclear arms have always been seen as useable weapons for fighting ‘limited’ nuclear wars by Nato as a whole, and by the UK and France, and Russia’s nuclear plans are likely to be similar.

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A Vanguard-class submarine moored at Faslane (Photo: Phil Miller / DCUK)

Britain’s nuclear arsenal

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has placed his nuclear forces on high alert and threatened Nato with “consequences they have never seen” if the West tries to stop his illegal invasion of Ukraine. The terrifying threat turned ‘nuclear war’ into one of the most googled terms on Monday morning and prompted rare reflection in the national […]

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A submarine launch at Barrow-in-Furness (Photo: BAE / MOD handout)

Radiation pills distributed in nuclear submarine ports

Records show 97,430 stable iodine tablets were pre-issued to people in Plymouth, Portland and Barrow-in-Furness from 2016-21 to protect them from radiation. Medicine went to nurseries, schools, care homes and clinics near naval docks. The figures are revealed in freedom of information responses from Plymouth, Dorset and Cumbria councils to Declassified UK. Reacting to our […]

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Prince Andrew disembarks HMS Invincible with his parents after serving in the Falklands War. Nuclear weapons were stored onboard. (Photo: Anwar Hussein / Getty)

UK deployed 31 nuclear weapons during Falklands war

The revelation is contained in a new file released to the National Archives. Marked “Top Secret Atomic”, it shows that the presence of the nuclear weapons caused panic among officials in London when they realised the damage, both physical and political, they could have caused.  The military regime in Argentina claimed the Falkland islands and […]

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Australian naval commanders and assistant defence minister Andrew Hastie welcome a UK nuclear-powered submarine to Perth. (Photo: RAN / Richard Cordell)

Partners in crimes? The UK/Australia special relationship

Australia’s independence from Britain has been contested ground since the nation’s birth in 1901 – the first real test being Australia’s decision to send troops to Europe for Britain’s war with Germany in 1914.  Two bitterly fought referenda to allow military conscription were narrowly defeated – Australia’s contribution to the Great War was to remain […]

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The UK’s new nuclear strategy is illegal and dangerous to the world

Boris Johnson’s government has announced an increase in the UK’s arsenal of nuclear arms and now threatens to use it against non-nuclear-weapon states. These policies are illegal and are likely to increase global tensions.

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‘The tail wagging the dog’: How Scottish independence could transform British foreign policy

With pro-independence parties poised to secure a significant majority at the Scottish parliament elections, Declassified explores how Scotland could soon forge a radically different foreign policy from the rest of the UK. We asked Scottish politicians, campaigners and thinkers for their views on nuclear weapons, Russia, China, the arms trade and human rights.

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The UK will spend over £350bn on extravagant military projects while failing to ensure national health security

New analysis shows that Britain plans to spend hundreds of billions of pounds on expensive military projects while the UK’s under-funded public health system struggles to address pandemics such as Covid-19.

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