Scotland’s first minister Nicola Sturgeon met House Speaker Nancy Pelosi at the US Capitol in May. (Photo: Drew Angerer / Getty)

Should an independent Scotland aspire to Nato membership?

To consider Scotland’s possible interest in Nato membership in light of the current crisis in Ukraine, we should look at some significant milestones in post-cold war history.  When the cold war was over, Soviet and Russian leaders from Mikhail Gorbachev to Vladimir Putin proposed a new Euro-Atlantic security alliance —“from Dublin to Vladivostok”.  But then […]

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A Vanguard-class submarine moored at Faslane (Photo: Phil Miller / DCUK)

Britain’s nuclear arsenal

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has placed his nuclear forces on high alert and threatened Nato with “consequences they have never seen” if the West tries to stop his illegal invasion of Ukraine. The terrifying threat turned ‘nuclear war’ into one of the most googled terms on Monday morning and prompted rare reflection in the national […]

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‘The tail wagging the dog’: How Scottish independence could transform British foreign policy

With pro-independence parties poised to secure a significant majority at the Scottish parliament elections, Declassified explores how Scotland could soon forge a radically different foreign policy from the rest of the UK. We asked Scottish politicians, campaigners and thinkers for their views on nuclear weapons, Russia, China, the arms trade and human rights.

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Government breaks inspection rules at Scottish missile factory supplying Saudi air war

A bomb factory in Scotland providing missile parts for Saudi Arabia’s air force has not been checked in over three years, missing the UK government’s own inspection deadlines. Weaponry produced by Raytheon in Glenrothes is linked to war crimes in Yemen.

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