Julian Assange (Photo: Carmen Valiño / Supplied)

Assange extradition case has cost British public over £300,000

New figures show Britain’s public prosecutor, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), splashed £151,000 on barristers who failed to convince a judge in January that the US has the right to extradite the WikiLeaks publisher. The CPS acts on behalf of the US Department of Justice in transatlantic extradition cases. Another £22,000 of British public money […]

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Britain supported Pakistan as it helped the Taliban kill UK troops

Last week, British foreign secretary Dominic Raab made his first trip to Pakistan after the botched withdrawal of troops and civilians from neighbouring Afghanistan in August. Raab described Pakistan as a “vital partner” as he sought with his Pakistani counterpart to “prevent Afghanistan becoming a hub for terrorist groups.” Yet known to the British Foreign […]

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