The brutal reality of the US-UK ‘special relationship’

The abject submission of British authorities to the Master in Washington in the case of journalist Julian Assange is painful to observe but – unfortunately – not difficult to understand. The roots go back to the Second World War, when Britain handed the mantle of world domination over to its former colony. The US had […]

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Britain ‘immediately’ supported U.S. over shooting down of Iranian airliner

The attack occurred during the Iran-Iraq war, which had begun in 1980 with Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Iran. The US government backed Saddam, and sent warships to the Persian Gulf to support the Iraqi war effort.  One of those warships was the USS Vincennes which, on 3 July 1988, fired two missiles at Iran Air […]

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Priti Patel (R) meets Alejandro Mayorkas, US Secretary of Homeland Security, Washington DC, 17 November 2021. (Photo: Priti Patel / Twitter)

Priti Patel was part of CIA-linked lobby group with husband of Assange judge

Priti Patel sat on the Henry Jackson Society’s (HJS) advisory council from around 2013-16, although the exact dates are unclear as neither the HJS nor Patel responded to Declassified’s requests for clarification.  She has also received funds from the HJS, and was paid £2,500 by the group to visit Washington in March 2013 to attend […]

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US President Ronald Reagan makes a speech outside 10 Downing Street, 9 June 1982. During this visit, Reagan outlined his vision for the National Endowment for Democracy. (Photo: Fox Photos/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

‘CIA sidekick’ gives £2.6m to UK media groups

The National Endowment for Democracy (NED), a non-profit corporation funded by the US Congress, has ploughed over £2.6m into seven British independent media groups over the past five years.  The NED was “created…to do in the open what the Central Intelligence Agency has done surreptitiously for decades”, the New York Times reported in 1997. That […]

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Australian naval commanders and assistant defence minister Andrew Hastie welcome a UK nuclear-powered submarine to Perth. (Photo: RAN / Richard Cordell)

Partners in crimes? The UK/Australia special relationship

Australia’s independence from Britain has been contested ground since the nation’s birth in 1901 – the first real test being Australia’s decision to send troops to Europe for Britain’s war with Germany in 1914.  Two bitterly fought referenda to allow military conscription were narrowly defeated – Australia’s contribution to the Great War was to remain […]

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How the UK press supports the British military and intelligence establishment

The UK press, from The Times to The Guardian, is also routinely helping to demonise states identified by the British government as enemies, while tending to whitewash those seen as allies.  The research, which analyses the UK national print media, suggests that the public is being bombarded by views and selective information supporting the priorities […]

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